What is Bright Mirror?

Bright Mirror is about the frontier that awaits us,

the future that’s not so bleak,

the present that’s rooted in the now,

with answers we seek.

Welcome to Bright Mirror. Welcome to the Infinite Frontier.

Have you ever stumbled across the Internet and discovered something that changed your life for the better, forever?

Bright Mirror aims to be that for you.

My goal with Bright Mirror is to write essays which are useful. The degree to which an essay is useful depends on each reader, but it is with that thought that I approach every essay.

This is also why Bright Mirror is not a consistent publication. I respect your inbox, but even more than that, I don’t publish everything I write unless it fits the criteria of being “useful”.

I’ve heard friends and co-workers often say that my way of thinking is unique, and thus, writing about things that I’m already curious about is a great way of finding new friends and adding value to the world.

I also like to think of Bright Mirror as a superior ideological alternative to Black Mirror.

Black Mirror promotes the notion that the future is dystopian and technological progress is bad. This narrative has unfortunately become the prevailing mainstream narrative.

Bright Mirror is my attempt to change this.

The future is Bright.

Technology is good.

Using technology, we can learn, build and accelerate towards a brighter future.

If you’re curious about the world, like people who think differently and optimistic about the future in general, join me by subscribing below!

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