What is Bright Mirror?

Bright Mirror is my attempt at writing essays about what’s at the bleeding edge of tech and how we can all leverage that for fun and profit.

It is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Usually, I write about all sorts of things starting from fiction- to blockchain development tutorials, to concepts of virtual nation building, but if there’s one thing that I’ve been constantly fascinated by- that is what’s at the bleeding edge of technology, the “frontier” of innovation and how that’ll change everything.

But how do we leverage it? How do we support and rally around the ones that actually matter? How do we separate the signal from the noise, and uniquely position ourselves to benefit from it by being early adopters?

If humanity is destined to reach immortality in the year 2069, how do we stay healthy and increase our life-span long enough to take advantage of that?

I’ve been searching about individual newsletters that explore these questions, but sadly, there are none. Usually, even most of the popular ones are hyper-focused on a particular niche rather than looking beyond the horizon and seeing the bigger picture.

Hence, I’m starting Bright Mirror - A newsletter where I explore what’s at the bleeding edge of tech, and how we can all practically benefit something from it today.

The two parts of the last line are important. I don’t want this newsletter to be a fairy tale of ideas, or rather, not just a fairy tale of ideas. There has to be some actionable things that we can all gain from each essay and things we can do to take advantage of what’s presented in each essay.

This way, this newsletter will be stress-tested at each issue and we can have a metric of whether what I’m writing about is actually having an impact on the world at large.


At Bright Mirror, we believe these three things are going to be possible in the future-

  • We are all going to live forever.

  • We are all going to be infinitely happy, wealthy, and free.

  • The progress of technology and science is going to help us achieve the above two.

Through each essay, we’ll explore how we can get there and what we can do to achieve these faster.

At Bright Mirror, we reject anarcho-primitivism, the belief that rejecting progress and returning to a primitive non-civilized life is preferred.

We embrace the infinite frontier with curious and open minds, and work towards a world that’s better for all of humanity.

This will be a long journey, and instead of being passive readers and writers, I hope we all actively participate and build a future that’s bright and shatters the black-mirror dystopian narrative that spreads through mainstream media.

Transhumanism, Life Longevity, Web3 and Crypto, The Bitcoin Standard, Network States, Digital Nations, Sovereign Individualism-> These are some of the things that’s at the frontier of humanity aided by technology right now. They represent and will continue to represent large leaps in technology, freedom and hope. Most people will be quick to dismiss and resist these.

That is okay.

The pursuit of truth cannot be stopped and an honest attempt at changing the world for the better, starting at the individual and extending to the collective, is what Bright Mirror is about.

A premium subscription to Bright Mirror gives you the ability to add comments, and allows you to support my time in creating this. Thank you for being here, and I hope you join us on this worthwhile journey!

Welcome to Bright Mirror. Welcome to the Infinite Frontier.